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<p>While Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS has yet to launch in Japan, some gamers have got their hands on an early copy of the game and are streaming it live online.</p><p>And, as noted by this NeoGAF thread, the streamers are revealing a bunch of playable characters that haven't yet been announced by Nintendo.</p><p>That includes returning fighters like Zelda villain Ganandorf, feathered StarFox pilot Falco, Earthbound's psychic warrior Ness, pill-popping virus hunter Dr. Mario, and retro LCD hero Mr. Game &amp; Watch.</p><p>There are also some brand-new characters, like Dark Pit from the awesome Kid Icarus Uprising and one of the most bizarre entrants yet: the dog and a duck from NES Zapper favourite, Duck Hunt.</p><p>More fighters could be announced yet, so keep your eye on this fast-moving thread. Or you could bury your head in the sand and wait until October 3rd if you don't want anything else spoiled.</p>.

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