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<p>Another week, another Nintendo Direct, it feels like. We honestly struggle to keep up - not least because the big N crams so much into such a small amount of time.</p><p>Tonight (September 13th) is a brand new edition, and while we won't be live-streaming it due to how late it's on in the UK, we'll still be breaking out a few stories and filling you in tomorrow morning.</p><p>But, you may ask, where can I watch this magnificent show? Don't you worry friendo, Nintendo has already set up the YouTube stream, so you can catch the whole thing right from the word go.</p><p>And you can do so... right here! The video is embedded below, so fire it up at 11pm UK time (that's midnight CEST/3pm PT/6pm ET) and be sure to learn all about what Nintendo has to offer.</p>.

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