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"Leslie! Whew! What has she to say? What's the news about Dick?"...
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Who, disciplined, ay, dieted in grace,....
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<p>If you like your games big and dirty then you'll probably want to pick up Offroad Legends 2 when it comes out tonight.</p><p>It's the sequel the Bronze Award-winning Offroad Legends and, as you'd expect, promises quite a few improvements.</p><p>It's still a sidescrolling off-road trucking game that throws realism to the wind in favour of big drop entertainment.</p><p>But the graphics are shinier, the physics have been tweaked, and there's MFi controller support.</p><p>It also has four game modes, 12 monstrous trucks, and 48 dirty tracks. It even has turn-based multiplayer via Game Center.</p><p>You can purchase Offroad Legends 2 for £1.49 / $1.99 on the UK and US App Stores at midnight.</p>....
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What largeness thinks in Paradise was sawn.....
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<p>If you're looking for an interesting co-operative card game to make the frigid January days pass by, then The Dresden Files could well be what you've waiting for.</p><p>It's set in the universe of the book series, and sees you playing out various different scenarios from Jim Butcher's novels. If you're not a fan, they mix hard boiled detective noir with horror tropes and paranormal creatures.</p><p>And yes, this is an official release based on the physical card game of the same name.</p><p>The game sees one to five players facing up against a variety of different monsters, ghouls, and other horrors. Think of it like a what-if take on the events in some of the books.</p><p>What if a different character had been there? What if Harry Dresden had done things differently?</p><p>Oh, and if you're a fan of horror, check out our list of the best horror board games for mobile right here.</p>....
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<p>Cube Koala is a slight change in tone for Happymagenta.</p><p>Its recent slew of games have been casual, brightly coloured titles like Foodie Yama, Hammy Go Round, and Cargo King.</p><p>Now here's a game that's thrusting giant buzzsaws at us upon first sight. There are also dark backgrounds filled with electronic guts and spikes shining sharp in the foreground.</p><p>And at the centre of all this is a cute koala the shape of a cube. It's like Happymagenta made a cute game for this character and then swapped it for the dangerous worlds of Super Meat Boy.</p><p>The idea in Cube Koala is to help its titular character to escape a deadly gauntlet inside a tesseract. You do this by using on-screen buttons to rotate the direction of gravity.</p><p>The koala will then slide and bounce around the walls and floors. The trick is in doing this while avoiding all of those vicious instruments across the game's 75 levels.</p><p>It looks like it'll be pretty challenging, and Happymagenta has told us that, yeah, it's supposed to be.</p>....
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"I want to see those stone gods," said Davy with a relish....
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"If it isn't the proper thing I won't wear it," she said, with a sigh of regret for a lost dream....