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<p>Have you ever dreamed of being a skateboarding puppy popping balloons in her back yard? Perhaps Puppoz from Superstar Games can do the trick.</p><p>Puppoz is a puzzle game where you play as cute puppies to pop balloons in an open area. You have to simply run into them to pop them, earning you points that totals into your high score. Your ultimate goal is to race against the clock to pop all the balloons in the level and earn a decent high score.</p><p>Perhaps the coolest part of Puppoz are the powerups which you can grab while collecting the balloons. Some of these give you the standard bonus points, but one will reward you with a skateboard for your puppy to pop the balloons at a faster rate. Oh to be a skateboarding puppy zooming around the garden popping balloons.</p><p>If you collect the bonus powerups in the level, you&rsquo;re also taken to a special stage where you take a chance on a multi-path labyrinth, with the potential for great treasure at the end. You can then use these rewards to unlock more puppies which are faster, allowing you to replay levels and beat your previous score.</p>.

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